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What do pharmaceutical industry professionals in Europe believe about involving patients and the public in research and development of medicines? - A qualitative interview study

Objectives: To explore European-based pharmaceutical industry professionals’ beliefs about patient and public involvement (PPI) in medicines research and develo...

What do stakeholders expect from patient engagement: Are these expectations being met? - Report

There is a growing consensus across stakeholder groups of the importance of patient engagement (PE) in medicines development, and during the li...

What the public knows and wants to know about medicines research and development: a survey of the general public in six European countries - Article

Experience of medical research appears to play a key role in increasing public awareness of and future interest in medicines R&D. Some groups may need to be spe...

Why Research needs to be more Patient-Centric - Video

About 85% of all investments into research are being wasted by asking the wrong questions.

Why patient engagement needs to become “the new normal” - Video

PFMD member Lode Dewulf shares what excites (and worries) him about the current patient engagement landscape

Why we need more human interaction in healthcare - Video

Marylin Metcalf, Senior Director, Benefit Risk Evaluation at GSK: Healthcare is not just about medicine, but also about the way we live.

Why we need to stop creating medicines for the average patient - Video

The series of changes that need to happen in the healthcare system, linked to patient engagement.

“Request to Connect” - A New Way for Patients to Connect with FDA

This new patient portal gives patients and caregivers a single entry point to the Agency for questions and meeting requests. Co-developed by the Patient Affairs...