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What the public knows and wants to know about medicines research and development: a survey of the general public in six European countries - Article

Experience of medical research appears to play a key role in increasing public awareness of and future interest in medicines R&D. Some groups may need to be spe...

Why Research needs to be more Patient-Centric - Video

About 85% of all investments into research are being wasted by asking the wrong questions.

Why patient engagement needs to become “the new normal” - Video

PFMD member Lode Dewulf shares what excites (and worries) him about the current patient engagement landscape

Why we need more human interaction in healthcare - Video

Marylin Metcalf, Senior Director, Benefit Risk Evaluation at GSK: Healthcare is not just about medicine, but also about the way we live.

Why we need to stop creating medicines for the average patient - Video

The series of changes that need to happen in the healthcare system, linked to patient engagement.