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Barriers to Patient Enrollment in Therapeutic Clinical Trials for Cancer - A Landscape Report

This report is meant to serve as a resource to inform discussions and actions aimed at addressing the barriers preventing patient participation in clinical tria...

Building harmonised ways to consistently talk to patients across countries at global scale - Video

"Listening to patients to deeply understand their experience was actually the only way to help them better".

Collaborative Patient Engagement: Mapping the Global Landscape - White Paper

A first step in co-creating an action-orientated framework for patient engagement.

Crisis Management Toolkit

The complete toolkit to guide you through the process of creating a communication crisis strategy adapted to your organisation.

Culture and Process Change as a Priority for Patient Engagement in Medicines Development - Article

In this article, the PFMD coalition highlights the need to remove organisational barriers that prevent effective patient engagement.

Do's and Don'ts - practical tips for doing patient engagement

PFMD is co-creating a Patient Engagement Quality Guidance (PEQG) and as part of the Patient Engagement toolkit, we would like to collect the learnings from all...

Dr. Paul Robinson on Patient Involvement: “We need to give the doctors the tools that answer the needs of the patients” - Video

Paul Robinson is the Research and Development Director for EMEA Region at Merck Consumer Healthcare. He has a unique and first-hand perspective on what better...

EUPATI: An initiative to provide expertise in patient advocacy and in medicines development processes - Article

Grassroots movements by patient advocates, calling for greater involvement in decisions about healthcare research, have evolved to the point where publicly fun...

Envision PLS showcase: Safety and effectiveness of apremilast in people with plaque psoriasis

This study looked at apremilast (a-PRE-me-last), a new treatment under investigation for psoriasis.