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Collaborative Patient Engagement: Mapping the Global Landscape - White Paper

Natalia Sharamandzhieva

A first step in co-creating an action-orientated framework for patient engagement.

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Crisis Management Toolkit

Natalia Sharamandzhieva

The complete toolkit to guide you through the process of creating a communication crisis strategy adapted to your organisation.

Culture and Process Change as a Priority for Patient Engagement in Medicines Development - Article

Natalia Sharamandzhieva

In this article, the PFMD coalition highlights the need to remove organisational barriers that prevent effective patient engagement.

Global Patient Engagement Mapping and Networking Tool – Brochure

Natalia Sharamandzhieva

The Mapping and Networking Tool has been developed by PFMD as an integral part of a larger effort to build a connected and global patient engagement ecosystem.

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Global Patient Engagement Mapping and Networking Tool – One Pager

Natalia Sharamandzhieva

Find out more about the Mapping and Networking Tool in a brief one pager. Make your patient engagement initiatives matter on the global stage!

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PFMD interviews and other videos

Natalia Sharamandzhieva

This a link to PFMD YouTube Channel where we have interviews with our members and collaborations from different work streams. For more information, please visit...