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Levent Alcan

•I will attend the (annual) meeting of (tbd) patient group, and share my insights with my team

Work in progress
Martin Kelly

To have patients actively involved in all our events

Work in progress
Ken Choy

Learn n share w pgs

Work in progress
Jean Sposaro

Patient Focused Drug Development

Maintain my personal approach fundamental integrity, loyalty and ethics in all of my interactions and engagements with patient groups, panels, associations and the people I meet each and every day both personally and professionally. In listening with empathy and compassion and without judgment to the patient story and journey as well as the impact of their disease on themselves, their caregivers, family and friends, I seek to apply what I learn to the drug development process as well as the overall life cycle maintenance of quality, safe and effective therapies to ensure greater healthcare options for patients around the world.

Work in progress

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