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Northwestern University

HAPEER : Home Care Aide Patient Centered Education and Engagemement in Research

Background: Currently, over 1.45 million people receive home- and community-based care services (HCBS) through Medicaid waiver programs in the United States. A chief feature of Med...

Uppsala University, Innovative Medicines Initiative IMI, KU Leuven


PREFER looks at how and when it is best to perform and include patient-preference in decision making during the drug life cycle. We include patient stakeholders at every level of t...

Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital

Kids Barcelona

KIDS Barcelona is a YPAG (Young Persons' Advisory Group) that works as a scientific council of teenagers to improve the clinical trials performed by Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hos...

University of Maryland, Baltimore, Dept. Pharmaceutical Health Se...

M-CERSI Conference on Patient-Focused Drug Development

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Sant Joan de Déu Children's Hospital

Rare Commons research platform

Rare Commons is a research Project at the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona focused on the biomedical study of rare diseases that affect children. The undertaking is organize...

Swansea University

UK MS Register

There are three parts to the UK MS Register- 1. Participant portal- anyone who has been diagnosed with MS is asked to fill in a patient outcome measures questionnaire which has b...

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