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National Kidney Foundation


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F. Hoffmann La Roche -

Co-creation Workshop

Patients, HCPs and study coordinators convened to deliver personal and clinical insights related to an in-development clinical study protocol.

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Cancer Council NSW

Consumer Training

Cancer Council NSW highly values the views of the community we serve and represent. We expect all researchers who apply for our funding to have cancer survivors or carers involved...

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Analyzing the status quo of people living with diabetes who develop kidney disease as a starting point for developing preventive medicine.

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Ethnography to inform recruitment strategies in sickle cell disease

Medical anthropologists observed 25 people living with SCD for more than two days to identify themes that may inform clinical trial recruitment strategies. Themes resulted in cons...

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Expanding the Science of Patient Input: Pain Points and Potential

To explore current and future challenges, FasterCures hosted an all-day workshop on Feb. 17, 2016, as part of its Patient Count: The Science of Patient Input program. Expanding the...

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