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Patient Pledge

Individual pledge to Patients is a demonstration unifying the whole research community with the same approach of a personal commitment to work with patients for patients. Taking the Pledge to Patients means looking at your everyday activities and asking, “is the patient perspective clearly addressed in everything that I do?” Taking the Pledge to Patients means committing to simple, measurable and sustainable patient-centred principles, that will lead to better and more meaningful patient and healthcare outcomes.

Making a Pledge to Patients involves commitment to 3 guiding principles: listening to patients, co-creating strategies and solutions with patients, and communicating openly and clearly with patients. Are you ready to commit?

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  • I commit to co-designing solutions with patients and their caregivers by first working with them to identify and prioritize the issues. I also commit to empowering patients and caregivers to participate in co-design projects by providing them with coaching, tools and resources.

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  • I commit to communicating with patients and their caregivers in a manner that translates high science into layman's terms and incorporate methodology such as "teach back" to ensure that information conveyed is understood.

    Work in progress