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Patient Pledge

Individual pledge to Patients is a demonstration unifying the whole research community with the same approach of a personal commitment to work with patients for patients. Taking the Pledge to Patients means looking at your everyday activities and asking, “is the patient perspective clearly addressed in everything that I do?” Taking the Pledge to Patients means committing to simple, measurable and sustainable patient-centred principles, that will lead to better and more meaningful patient and healthcare outcomes.

Making a Pledge to Patients involves commitment to 3 guiding principles: listening to patients, co-creating strategies and solutions with patients, and communicating openly and clearly with patients. Are you ready to commit?

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  • I pledge to listen carefully to what patient's are telling us about their conditions, and use that knowledge to develop better programs and solutions that will truly meet their needs.

    Work in progress


  • I pledge to involve patients early on in the design and development of our products and integrated solutions. Their insight is key to success!

    Work in progress


  • I pledge to communicate openly with patients throughout our interactions to promote an environment where we are all working towards the same goal: putting the patient first!

    Work in progress