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Organisation The Synergist / PFMD
About Societal problems come about through a combination of actions and oversights by all types of players — government, public agencies, businesses, non-profits and affected citizens. And they can only be solved through coordinated efforts amongst these same players. Nicholas Brooke is founder and Executive Director of The Synergist, an incubator that brings key players together in people-public-private partnerships with the express aim of solving significant societal problems through collective action. Under Nicholas’ leadership, The Synergist acts as a backbone, providing vision, strategy, stakeholder alignment and execution on multiple international, multi-stakeholder programmes. As Patient Focused Medicine Development ( Executive Director, Nicholas develops collaborative leadership to build collective patient engagement across the lifecycle of medicine. Nicholas was previously CEO of an award-winning digital agency, managing a team of 45 people providing cutting-edge digital strategy to global corporations across multiple sectors. His deep understanding of how digital can facilitate and accelerate collective action drove him to see the potential for an independent organisation that can enable partnerships and drive them to jointly solve societal challenges. Working with key players from across the public-private spectrum, The Synergist currently manages five shared value programmes: The Pregnancy and Medicine Initiative, Break Dengue, The Alliance for Maternal Health Equality, Patient Focused Medicine Development and Safe Motherhood Week.

Patient Pledge

Individual pledge to Patients is a demonstration unifying the whole research community with the same approach of a personal commitment to work with patients for patients. Taking the Pledge to Patients means looking at your everyday activities and asking, “is the patient perspective clearly addressed in everything that I do?” Taking the Pledge to Patients means committing to simple, measurable and sustainable patient-centred principles, that will lead to better and more meaningful patient and healthcare outcomes.

Making a Pledge to Patients involves commitment to 3 guiding principles: listening to patients, co-creating strategies and solutions with patients, and communicating openly and clearly with patients. Are you ready to commit?

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  • I will work closely with PFMD patients and patient organisations members of PFMD, those of today and new ones, to understand what are the barriers they face

    Work in progress


  • Build a platform ( to allow the alliance of all parties to take a collaborative, open and non-competitive approach to make patient engagement a reality, solving together what nobody can solve on his own.

  • I'll make sure each new initiatives will be initiated, conducted, validated and finalised WITH patients

    Work in progress


  • I will seek for opportunities to build on new communication tools or happening to allow patients an easier and equitable access to information, tools and rights they have

    Work in progress
  • As the caregiver and advocate of one, I'll make sure our patient experience is relayed in the most articulated and constructive way since the margin for progress is massive

    Work in progress